Passing on Skills

By fighting alongside characters from the past with the same profession, you can reclaim the many skills that have been lost to time! Once a technique has been passed down from the past, it can be passed on to characters of the same class in the present day.

By pairing the teacher and the pupil, when the teacher uses the Teach command, the technique will be passed on when the pupil’s mastery rate reaches 100%. Of course, the teacher and pupil must share the same character class.

Build Friendships

The more friendly the characters are with each other, the more bonuses they will receive and the better they will be able to fight. If two or more characters work together, it can become a unite attack, dealing greater damage.

Relations between characters who dislike each other can take a while to improve, while people who are already friends will bond quickly. That said, it’s best to try and have everyone get along.

As friendships grow through taking meals together at your headquarters, characters may even teach other some new things.

That certainly does look like any magic wand I’ve ever seen!


As the amount of characters recruited grows, so does the things to do at your headquarters. Weapon smiths, armorers, and ring makers can enhance your equipment. Fletchers, apothecaries, magicite, and malicite crafters will produce the items needed for you to fight at your best.

You’ll even be able to take on challenging hunting requests and help trap dangerous creatures in trapped dungeons for materials and money.

At your headquarters you’ll also be able to get a character list with biographies, a music player, bestiary, and more.