Q The game crashes when I leave Therbe/Return to Therbe/some other point. Is this patch broken?

A First, make sure your copy of PPSSPP or your CFW if playing on actual hardware is up to date. If you are playing on PPSSPP, please try turning off Fast Memory (located in Settings -> System).

Secondly, make sure that you’re following the patching instructions in the files linked on this website correctly. Your patched ISO should be 881,451,008 bytes in size. While we cannot and do not stop people from distributing their own pre-patched versions of Suikoden: Woven Web of the Centuries, we also cannot troubleshoot such versions.

Q When I load from save states, voices can become distorted/certain screens fail to load/etc.

A This is an issue because of the nature of save states, what they “capture”, and how the game itself accesses that information. As Suikoden: Woven Web of the Centuries allows you to make manual saves at any point outside of battle and conversations, we recommend that you make actual in-game saves whenever possible. Do not save state anything you can’t afford to lose.

Q Are saves from the Japanese version and the English fan translation cross-compatible?

A Yes. You can load and save files from one version of the game to the other. Feel free to play through sections in both Japanese and English if you want. Or continue files you began in Japanese. Compare the two versions easily. The possibilities are not quite endless.

Q The images on the Dungeon enemies list are flickering! Can you fix it?

A This is an issue with PPSSPP itself, and is not something that can be fixed on our end. The animated enemy models are fully functional on actual hardware.

Q When playing on PC using Remote Joy Lite on my PSP, textures and assets sometimes appear and disappear! Can you fix it?

A This is an issue with the Remote Joy Lite plug-in and is not something that can be fixed on our end. There’s currently no reports of texture issues either on PPSSPP or actual hardware.

Q I found a typo/bug/glitch. What should I do?

A Please send us a ticket and we can take a look and hopefully fix things in a future update.

Q How big is the script for Suikoden: Woven Web of the Centuries

A Very roughly: 220,000 words and 25,000 lines of dialogue spread across 21,000 pointers.

Gameplay (may contain minor spoilers)

Q Are there any missable items, stars, or unreturnable areas?

A There are three areas in the game, not including anything past the point of no return, that you will not able to return once you have cleared them in-story. Any items, enemy encounters there that you have not collected will also be lost along with that access.

Those areas are, in order: House of Wisdom, Floating Fortress, Tower of Zoe.

No Starbearers are permanently missable before the point of no return.

Q Where do I find the cryolite that Dagzuma is looking for?

A The cryolite is located in the Glacial Cave on B1F (3). It does not appear until you agree to retrieve it for Dagzuma.

Q The Underground Ruins are confusing. How do I unlock the doors?

A The Underground Ruins only requires two switches to be activated to get through. These switches are behind the Burning and Frozen Doors respectively. Other switches gate access to items and shortcuts.

The Frozen Shard, needed to bypass the Burning Door, is located on B1F(2)
The Burning Shard, needed to bypass the Frozen Door, is located on B1F(4)

Q I can’t make progress in the House of Wisdom. I can’t place all the House of Wisdom jewels. What do I do?

A Each of the five Jewels of Wisdom lowers walls of the same color as the jewel when placed in a recess on the upper level. It is possible to place four of the five jewels and find yourself unable to access the fifth jewel. Luckily, you can remove keys from their recesses and play around with the combination.

The most optimal placement is shown below.

Inserting the red Jewel of Wisdom lowers all red barriers
The optimal Jewel of Wisdom insertion method